What is GSP?

The foundation of the NativityMiguel Coalition of schools was first laid down in 1971 when a group of Jesuits in New York City opened up a middle school to serve immigrant students in the area. Since then, the number of NativityMiguel Coalition schools has grown to 49 schools in 19 states and two countries. What makes a NativityMiguel Coalition school so different from more traditional schooling, and is one of the hallmarks of the Coalition’s model, is its Graduate Support Program (GSP).

The GSP supports students and their families during middle school, in high school, through college, and beyond. The GSP at a NativityMiguel school is an always-present advocate for students to help them succeed throughout their lives, welcoming graduates to come visit the school whenever they need assistance or just to say “hello!”. The GSP helps to keep students involved and part of the NativityMiguel family. A typical GSP may include tutoring, mentoring, social events, school visits, workshops, tuition assistance, college visits, college application assistance, internships, summer job placements, etc. GSP team members engage with alumni and collaborate with others across the country to best understand NativityMiguel students’ and graduates’ needs, implementing best strategies to meet those needs so that current students and alumni can thrive