NativityMiguel School of Scranton seeks applicants for admissions to enter the fifth grade each fall. All candidates must qualify financially for the Federal Free and Reduced Meal Program (FARM). Applicants should demonstrate strong academic, attendance, and discipline records, plus the desire to excel in middle school at NativityMiguel School of Scranton, attend top high schools, and graduate from college. We are not able to accept students with an IEP or special education needs.
Admissions Process—Students who would like to be considered for admissions must complete the following:

  1. Attend an open house.
  2. Submit a completed application, including review of financial information by the deadline.
  3. After applications are reviewed, families are contacted for interviews at Nativity Miguel School of Scranton.
  4. Qualified students are invited to take an entrance exam at Nativity Miguel School of Scranton to better assess the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Families are notified with a decision about whether a child has been named as a finalist, put on the waiting list, or not accepted to the school.

2017-2018 Solicitud de admision